The Story So Far


Simplee was founded in February 2011 by Edel.

A couple of years before, she decided to grow herbs in the garden. However, she grew far too much and realised that they would all die before she could eat them. Rather than dry them in the hot press (there was no room!), she chopped them up and put them in a big bowl of sea salt. The result was a fragrant herby flavoured seasoning that soon was being requested by friends and family. Jars were bought and gifts were given. Some local shops began selling this fresh herb salt too.

After being made redundant in 2010, Edel decided to make this flavoured sea salt her full time job and so, in February 2011, she repackaged her homemade seasonings (chilli salt had by now been added to the family) and started selling to butchers and supermarkets in the Cork area.

Both fresh herb and chilli salts were shortlisted at the Blas na hEireann awards in October and within eight months of trading, Edel had won a Blas na hEireann award for her fresh herb sea salt.

More ideas began creeping into her head. More flavour combinations were begging to be created. So, in June 2012, four brand new seasonings were launched…

Garlic sea salt, lemon pepper, sweet & smoky sea salt and an All Purpose Salt Free Seasoning.

Not content to stop at food seasonings, Simplee also launched a Mulled Wine Mix for Christmas. We out our spice and citrus blend in a teabag to avoid mess, and also committed to donating a portion of the price to an animal rescue charity. We raised €3000 in all!

The idea behind Simplee is to give the customer a versatile and easy to use tool in their kitchen. There are no rules with any of our products. You can use them as a seasoning or a condiment. They can be part of a marinade or a salad dressing. They are for meat, seafood, vegetables, eggs, chicken. The list goes on. We love chilli sea salt on our scrambled eggs. Herb sea salt on our steak. Sweet & smoky sea salt in a chicken jambalya. Salt free seasoning in a French dressing. Lemon pepper on baked hake. We love when customers tell us what they do with theirs. They come up with ideas we had never thought of.

Simplee is available almost nationwide in artisan food stores, butchers, fishmongers and supermarkets. We know that what we do is quite unusual.  We love to cook at events and in supermarkets so that we can share our unique flavours with people and show them how easy it can be to make food interesting and tasty.

We really hope you like our Simplee range and enjoy cooking and experimenting with them as much as we do.