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  • Chilli Sea Salt

    Chilli Sea Salt

    A blend of dried chillis and HOT chilli powder combined with organic sea salt produce an exciting and fiery flavour to your food

  • AZ9H1061

    Freh Herb Sea Salt

    Our original, award winning herb flavoured salt. A delicate and subtle blend of fresh parsley, rosemary and thyme is mixed with organic sea salt. The herbs are preserved by the salt, while all their flavour is soaked in. The green colour of this salt will change ime as the salt infuses more and more of their flavour.We love this with beef and casseroles.

  • Lemon Pepper

    Lemon Pepper

    Our combination of dried lemons and whole peppercorns  inside a grinder allow you to add a burst of citrus and heat to your meal. This is seafoods best friend.

  • Organic Sea Salt

    Organic Sea Salt

    Our sea salt is wholly natural, organic and harvested from the sea. Gourmets believe the taste is far superior to rock or table salt

  • AZ9H1066

    Salt Free All Purpose Seasoning

    Don’t want to use salt in your food? Looking for an unusual and elegant twist to a meal?
    This all purpose seasoning is bursting with the flavour of citrus fruit, spices and seeds.
    Healthy and natural. (sometimes we take off the grinder and simply shake the ingredients in).
    We go crazy for this on fish and Pork, in sandwiches, dressings and casseroles.

  • Sweet and Smoky Seasoning

    Sweet and Smoky Seasoning

    Our Sweet & Smoky Sea Salt is your best friend for veggies, eggs and meat. Utterly addictive and 100% natural.

    This grinder of deliciousness has organic sea salt, smoked paprika, a smidge of chilli and a pinch of sugar. We promise you, it smells incredible and tastes even better.

    Want to wow your family, pan fry a fish fillet and twist this on top before serving.

  • Whole Black Peppercorn

    Whole Black Peppercorn

    Grinding whole black peppercorns creates a stronger flavour, aroma and heat to your food than the powdered kind.