Yucatan Salmon with Hearty Salsa and Coconut Rice

Yucatan Salmon with Hearty Salsa and Coconut Rice

I love Mexican food. Passionately. It is diverse, flavoursome and vibrant. I have been lucky enough to backpack around the Yucatan peninsula in Southern Mexico. While the sandy beaches, lost Mayan cities and colourful wildlife are the stuff of dreams, I lost my heart to the food there.

The wonderful thing about Mexico is that everything is always fresh. Seafood is a main staple near the coast and there is no restaurant that doesn’t serve ceviche.

In this recipe, I have blended my favourite flavours of Mexico with the best of Irish produce, to give you a meal that is easily done in 15 minutes, is alive with flavour, vividly colourful and is incredibly healthy.

Get yourself the freshest Irish salmon you possibly can. This is the most important part of the meal and should melt in your mouth when cooked. (Chewy texture is not good).

 I have adapted the coconut rice from a Jamie Oliver recipe and using a tin to measure your ingredients is a fantastic and fool-proof method.

Any time you eat out in Mexico, you are always served with the house salsa and tortilla chips before you get your meal. It is seen as an appetizer there, kind of like how we see bread and butter. Everywhere has its own recipe and there are vast variations between locales and even on the same street. I am showing you my favourite way to make it. I think it makes just as good a side dish as a snack.

Serves 4.


4 salmon fillets

Simplee chilli salt

Olive oil

2-3 limes

Big bunch of coriander

2 punnets of cherry tomatoes

Bunch of spring onions

Tin of light coconut milk

Long grain rice

Boiling water



Coconut rice

Heat your pan. Pour all coconut milk in. Fill the empty tin with rice and pour in. Fill the tin again with boiling water and pour in. Give everything a mix and pop a chunk of lime into the centre. Cook for 10-15 minutes stirring occasionally until the rice has absorbed the mixture and tastes a little soft.


Season the salmon with Simplee chilli salt. Oil your pan and heat up. Place the salmon skin side down (the pan should sizzle) on a medium heat for 5 minutes. Turn when the skin is crispy and golden and you can see that more than half the salmon meat has cooked. Cook for another 2 minutes.

Zingy Salsa

While the salmon is cooking, quarter your tomatoes. Thinly slice about half the bunch of spring onions and finely chop half your bunch of coriander. Mix it all in a bowl. Add 5 or 6 twists of Simplee chilli salt and half the juice of a lime. Mix well.

To serve:

Chop up the rest of the coriander and mix into the rice. Serve in a big bowl on the table. Place the salsa in another big bowl. Serve the salmon fillets on plates, garnishing with a wedge of lime.

Tip: Add chopped avocado to the salsa for a lovely buttery texture and added Vitamin C, K and B6!