Indulgent Chocolate Truffles

Indulgent Chocolate Truffles

Choc truffles   Preparation time: 10 mins Cooking Time: 0 mins Serves:10

Why not treat yourself this weekend with these luxurious truffles? You can have some fun decorating them too!


-150g Milk Chocolate Drops.
- 150g Dark Chocolate Drops.
- 300g Avonmore Double Cream.
- 1 Tbsp Lime.
- 1 Tsp  Simplee Sea Salt.
- 100g Cadburys chocolate, some ground pistachio nuts and coca powder to decorate.


1.  Pour the cream into a heavy bottomed saucepan over a gentle heat until the cream reaches the simmering stage.
2. Remove from the heat and then pour over the chocolate. Stir gently until you have a smooth silky texture.
3. Add the freshly squeezed lime, along with a delicate pinch of sea salt to the mixture. Pour the mixture into a wide bowl, scraping down the edges with a spatula and allow to set in fridge for 3 hours.
4. Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper. Pour the chilled mixture into a piping bag and make evenly shaped rounds onto the lined tray. Although I just dip a melon ball or use a spoon dipped into boiling water and shape the truffles.
5. Coat your truffles in coca powder or pistachio nuts immediately after shaping.
6. For coating a truffle, you will need to melt 100g milk or even white chocolate which looks very stylish for 8-10 truffles. Coat one truffle at a time and hold over the bowl of melted chocolate.
7. Pour the chocolate over each truffle until evenly coated leaving a nice silk smooth finish.
8. Place on the lined baking tray and allow to set in the fridge for an hour. These will keep for up to fives days and freeze well.

Recipe courtesy of Dermie of Sullivan at